October 05, 2015   22 Tishrei 5776
Union Temple of Brooklyn, NY
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PJ BottonUnion Temple is pleased to announce its affiliation with the PJ Library! See how families with children from 6 months to 8 years can get a free Jewish content book or CD each month.

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Kinder Kef  

A Weekly Kindergarten Program at the Union Temple Religious School A new weekly kinder kef class will begin this fall for kindergarten age children ( ages 4-5) . The class will meet every Sunday morning 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM If you are interested in registering please contact the office for further information.
J Star Kinder Kef 2011

1-718-638-7600 ext. 5 or write Mindy Sherry, Director of Family & Youth Engagement educator@uniontemple.org More on Ms. SherryMore on Ms. Sherry

Union Temple Religious School  

Call us to register now for 2015-16.

1-718-638-7600 ext. 4 or write Mindy Sherry, Director of Family & Youth Engagement 

educator@uniontemple.org More on Ms. SherryMore on Ms. Sherry

Union Temple's Religious School offers children in grades K-7 a comprehensive program of Hebrew and Judaica in a nurturing and creative environment. We follow the tenets of Reform Judaism and are sensitive to the diverse lifestyles of our surrounding community.

We offer:

    • A weekly Kindergarten 4 - 6 year old group KINDER KEF click here for more information

    • Bar/Bat Mitzvah training of the highest caliber
      with our Rabbi and Cantor .

    • Confirmation program of day & overnight trips
      to places of Jewish interest.

    • Parent Programs.

The expanded offerings include:

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah training of the highest caliber with our Rabbi and Cantor.

  • Confirmation program for students in grades 8 & 9, featuring day and overnight trips to places of Jewish interest.
  • Parent programs, giving our parents the opportunity to learn.
  Max Bricker
Congratulations to Bat Mitzvah Max Bricker and his Family!
Education Corner  

We are Mishpacha!

In October we had our first Yom Mishpacha (Family Program). This program was a whole school family program. Parents and students participated in learning about the holiday of Sukkot. Check out some of the pictures.

Each class has been assigned a date where parents and students will come and learn together. The program will take place during the Religious School day. Each program will coordinate with the curriculum taught in the class. We are excited to add this program to the Religious School curriculum. I look forward to learning with parents and students.

Religious School Upcoming Events:

November 2, 9 and 16: Religious School

November 23: Religious School and Yom Mishpacha (Family Program) for the 6th and 7th grade class.

Save the Date: March 20-22 Camp Family Weekend at Camp Eisner!- more information to follow.

-Mindy Sherry, Director of Youth and Family Engagement

Temple Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9-5pm. Friday 9-4pm Sunday 9-12pm, 718-638-7600


1-718-638-7600 ext. 4 or write Mindy Sherry, Director of Family & Youth Engagement 

educator@uniontemple.org More on Ms. SherryMore on Ms. Sherry 

Dr. Linda Henry Goodman, Rabbi Rabbigoodman@uniontemple.org

THE TALMUD TEACHES: “These are the obligations without measure, whose reward, too, is without measure:

to honor father and mother;

to perform acts of love and kindness;

to attend the house of study daily;

to welcome the stranger;

to visit the sick;

to rejoice with bride and groom;

to console the bereaved;

to pray with sincerity;

to make peace when there is strife.


At the Union Temple Religious School every student and their family is welcomed into our kehilla kedosha, our temple community. Our school serves the diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn and warmly welcomes all families to join us. Our Religious School program encourages active Jewish learning. Through classroom participation, t’fillah (prayer services) and Shabbat and Holiday family programs we strive to create Jewish learning experiences that will empower our students and their families to live meaningful Jewish lives together.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah  

It is recommended that your child begin Religious School as early as possible to develop a strong foundation but a minimum of two years of Religious School enrollment is required prior to your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah year.  Preparation for the service is arranged individually with Rabbi Goodman. On occasion additional tutoring may be recommended.


Confirmation Class Washington Major Owens 05

This program is open to post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah students.  Rabbi Goodman and the students will take several day trips within New York City, and one overnight within reasonable traveling distance.  The trips will contain Jewish and American content, plus “down” time , in order to provide a combination of affective and cognitive experiences for the participants.  There will also be periodic meetings at the temple for preparation for and/or follow-up from the trips. After two years, students are confirmed in keeping with the time-honored tradition of Reform Judaism.

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