February 12, 2016   3 Adar I 5776
Union Temple of Brooklyn, NY
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Brotherhood Gets Into Murder!  

First, a sincere thank you to everyone who ushered at High Holy Day services: Abe Barnett, Arnold Kolikoff, Stephanie Steinberg, Leslie Tan, Eric Siegel, Bob Newhouser, Mark Silverstein, Andy Mirer, David Vogel, Ben Campbell, Henry Singer, Marvin Lieberman, and Youth Group members Abigail Marin and Eddie Silver-berg. And thank you as well to everyone who participated in assembling the sukkah.

On Sunday morning, November 16, I will be leading a book discussion about In-visible City by Julia Dahl. This murder mystery takes us deep into the Hasidic community of Borough Park, the victim’s community, and into the community of news reporters as well. The main character, Rebekah Roberts, a tabloid reporter, is determined to learn the facts and get the full story – who, what, when, where, why and how. And at the same time, she learns answers to questions she has about her-self. Her mother was also from a Hasidic community in Brooklyn, left it when she met Rebekah’s father, then returned to it when Rebekah was less than a year old, leaving Rebekah and her father behind. They lived in Florida – Rebekah moved to Brooklyn after college – and they never heard from her mother again. Needless to say, that left Rebekah with questions that were difficult for her father to answer, and feelings that were difficult to resolve. Read the book and join the discussion. Or just come and listen over bagels and coffee, everyone is welcome.

-Steve Segall, Brotherhood President